Electrical Engineer with 40 years of Engineering Experience in Power Plants, Transmission & Distribution Systems and 12 more years of experience providing Engineering and Quality Management for a Laboratory that conducts Testing, Inspections, and Calibration of Power Utility Electricity Meters and Electrical Quantities. Obtained US Citizenship from the Immigration & Naturalization Service of the USA in 2009.


An executive with more than 12 years of domestic experience set-up testing and calibration laboratory for electric meters and electrical quantities; conceptualizing ideas, seizing opportunities, building operations, and leading highly successful new business development. Accomplished in identifying and capturing opportunities and developing partnering alliances to accelerate expansion. Skilled in nurturing contacts and negotiating agreements with companies in foreign countries in the field of the power sector and Testing-Calibration of Power Utility Electricity Meters and Electrical Quantities.

Proven Quality Manager, with multiple Certifications such as ISO IEC 17020, ISO IEC 17025; ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 27001. Recognized for attention to detail, adherence to standards, and Quality Management expert background. Possess strong background and experience in Quality Management regulatory framework. Combine leadership skills with a solid foundation in Laboratory Management and Quality Control. Ensure that the processes of the quality management system are established, implemented, and maintained. Create and maintain procedures to control all documents that are part of its management systems, such as regulations, standards, test methods, specifications, instructions, and manuals. Creates compatibility of Integrated Management System (IMS) Management and Information Security objectives and ensures that goals are achieved. Liaison with external parties on issues related to the quality management system.

Asset Manager, ensuring the efficient provision of distribution services and providing the foundation for achieving a DSO’s business goals, by maximizing the asset value through the optimization of asset performance over the total asset lifecycle. My end-to-end, integrated functionality helps DSO to reduce operating costs, better manage capital expenditures, and improve asset utilization – from installation to maintenance, repair, and decommissioning.

Experienced site Electrical Engineer, supervising design, specification preparation, estimating, and inspection of projects in Power Plants, Transmission & Distribution Systems.

Senior Manager experienced in directing projects and staff in fast-paced, results-oriented environments. Articulate communicator able to elicit outstanding performance from a diverse array of professionals. Highly successful in developing synergistic relationships to bring projects to completion on time and under budget. Strong leadership, organization, and communication skills. Skilled negotiator, well organized, self-motivated, adaptable, and have an innovative and proactive approach towards identifying and solving problems.

Operates and performs Routine maintenance of equipment associated with plant operations and the production of utilities. Operates generators, electrical switchgear, and substations as well as associated auxiliary equipment. Maintains logs, prepares equipment for operations or shutdown conditions, monitors instrument readings, and performs related duties as assigned.

Strong International background. Managed projects in power sector financed by World Bank - USA, projects co-financed from EBRD - UK, JBIC (OECF) - Japan, Federal Chancellery Austria, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (SECO) - Switzerland and others. Observed and studied best practices of international experts in engineering, management and other areas. Ability to provide direction and technical solutions on a variety of concurrent projects that include complex, controversial and unique issues.

Computer skills: Windows , Microsoft Office,Project, other productivity software and Internet research.

Language skills: fluent in English.

An Engineering consultant, reviewing my work (1996-2002), said:

"Mr. Gjergjani proved himself to be a hard worker and a talented engineer. He is a team player and an ideal co-worker. I strongly recommend him for any engineering or management level position in power utility or manufacturing dealing with power."


Design and preparation of plans, specifications and estimates for electrical systems and related facilities.

Electrical theory and practice. Codes and field practices governing design and installation of electrical equipment.

Power distribution and control systems.

Occupational safety and health regulations, safety and health policies and procedures, materials and maintenance of electrical installations.

Project Planning, Staffing and Management, Negotiations; Field Operations; Policy Development; Records and Information Management.

Planning and supervising technical work of professional staff.

Cited for project management skills (1998) by counterpart, who added:

"Mr. Gjergjani is conscientious, with remarkable technical knowledge and experience".


Bachelor of Science: Electrical Engineering for Power Systems, Polytechnic University of Tirana (UPT), Albania (1984).
ECEI - Evaluation Credential Engineering International (ABET), the recognized accreditor for college and university programs in applied science, computing, engineering, and technology conducted the evaluation and recognized the qualification to be equivalency with Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering GPA 3.98
WES Inc - World Education Services completed the evaluation of my qualification and recognized to be equivalent with Bachelor's Degree GPA 4.0
Certificate: Advanced Program on Market Economics and Management, sponsored by USAID and University of Nebraska - Lincoln (1993).


CEO of the Company HTT-High Tech Tests, (since 2013 onwards) - a company that conducts Testing, Inspections and Calibration of Power Utility Electricity Meters and Electrical Quantities.

Asset Manager CEZ Shperndarje (2010-Dec 2011)

Power Consulting Engineer (2000 - 2009)
Consulting Engineer engaged as local counterpart from worldwide companies such as ABB - Alstom - Italy, ABB - Switzerland, VA TECH - Austria as well as consulting local companies like GSA Ltd, Orthako shpk, TG Alba etc.

Expatriate Engineer (2000-2002) for ERE - Albanian Power Regulatory Authority

Project Engineer: KESH - Albanian Power Corporation, Tirana, Albania (1999-2000). KESH is a joint stock company responsible for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity across Albania. Manage implementation of Drin River Cascade Rehabilitation Project, overhauling five large hydro power stations in Albania. Requires high-level skills in electrical engineering, project management and communication to manage efforts of international partners and technical staff.

As Chief of Planning and Development (1998-1999), oversaw engineering of projects in power sector.

As Deputy General Director of KESH and Project Director (1996-1998), ensured improved operational and financial performance of company. This included managing electricity generating facilities (mostly hydro-electric plants) and special projects to rehabilitate hydro-power plants, electricity transmission and distribution networks, and reduce power losses.

As Project Manager (1994), managed Drin River Cascade Rehabilitation Project.

Promoted from Chief of Transmission Department (1994) and Chief of Production Department (1993) and Director of Production Directory (1992).

Director: Kucova Utility - Berat, Albania (1989-1992)
Managed this utility supplying power to major cities in Albania. Provided technical administration, problem solving and management, succeeding in extremely difficult circumstances.

Prior experience in Electrical Engineering (1984-1988) includes work in electric testing laboratory of Kucova TPP, electric workshop of Kucova TPP [repair and maintenance of electrical equipment in HPP and TPP plants and HV sub-stations] and at KOMAN Hydro Power Plant, engineering erection, commissioning and operation of largest HPP in Albanian Power System [four 150 MVA Francis turbines].


Extensive international experience. Collaborated with such institutions as World Bank - USA, EBRD - UK, JBIC (OECF) - Japan, EIB - Luxembourg, Federal Chancellery - Austria, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (SECO) - Switzerland and with such consulting companies as Sogreah - France, EPD - UK, Colenco - Switzerland, Verbundplan - Austria. Also worked with such suppliers as ABB - Switzerland, VA TECH - Austria, EDF - France, Landis Gyr - Switzerland, Sulzer Hydro - Switzerland, Andritz - Austria, Koncar - Croatia, etc.

Participating the Metering Americans Conference, Miami 2001 and a paper on Regulation & Restructuring of Power Sector was held on behalf of Albanian Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERE).