Electrical Engineer with 40 years of experience providing Engineering and Quality Management for a Laboratory that conducts Testing, Inspections, and Calibration of Power Utility Electricity Meters and Electrical Quantities.

A qualified chief executive with experience in overseeing the daily activities of small businesses and large corporations alike. Responsible for providing the overall direction for the company in the private sector. Ensure a business or organization’s policies and overall operation and is responsible for planning and coordinating activities for high-level management and clientele alike. Ensure that clients, shareholders, and employees are all satisfied with their experiences with the company. Strong ability to solve complex company problems using excellent judgment and decision-making skills.

Quality Manager
Proven Quality Manager, with multiple Certifications such as ISO IEC 17020, ISO IEC 17025; ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 27001. Recognized for attention to detail, adherence to standards, and Quality Management expert background. Possess strong background and experience in Quality Management regulatory framework. Combine leadership skills with a solid foundation in Laboratory Management and Quality Control.

Asset manager
Asset manager ensuring the efficient provision of distribution services and provides the foundation for achieving a DSO’s business goals, by maximizing the asset value through the optimization of asset performance over the total asset lifecycle..My end-to-end, integrated functionality helps DSO to reduce operating costs, better manage capital expenditures, and improve asset utilization – from installation to maintenance, repair, and decommissioning.

Power Consulting Engineer
Engineering professional with 30 years experience that includes consulting for electric utilities, independent power producers, industrial facility owners, energy resource developers, and more. Provided technical assistance; industry-leading engineering, and planning solutions to utilities of all types.

Experienced Site Electrical Engineer - capable to supervise design, technical specification's preparation, estimating and inspection of projects in Power Plants, Transmission & Distribution Systems. Operates and performs routine maintenance of equipment associated with Plant Operations and the production of utilities. Operates generators, electrical switchgear and substations as well as associated auxiliary equipment.

As System Protection/Control Engineer - thorough knowledge of power system operation and automation, substation apparatus and instrumentation, protection and control systems. Capable for implementation, maintenance and operation of power system's protection and control schemes for generators, transformers, MV and HV circuit breakers and metal-clad switchgear located in electric utility and industrial substations as well as able to analyze their performance to ensure reliable and secure operation of the Power System.

As Project Manager - capable to coordinate and direct electrical transmission and distribution projects; prepare technical specifications for related contracts; request quotations and evaluates competitive bids. Able to plan, organize, coordinate, engineer, and schedule multiple tasks with minimal supervision and adjust to changing priorities and assignments.

Strong international background. Managed projects co-financed by World Bank - USA, EBRD - UK, JBIC (OECF) - Japan, Federal Chancellery - Austria, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (SECO) - Switzerland and others.

Extensive experience by collaborating with Consulting Companies as Sogreah - France, EPD - UK, Colenco - Switzerland and Verbundplan - Austria and Suppliers as ABB - Switzerland, VA TECH - Austria, EDF - France, Landis Gyr - Switzerland, Sulzer Hydro - Switzerland, Andritz - Austria, Koncar - Croatia, etc.